The Red and Red Apricot Standards are a relatively new colour. They were developed from the Mini Reds and still some tend to be smaller than most Standards. The Reds are now being bred to other colours to increase the size. Mine tend to be sweeter and calmer than most other colours and are an absolute joy to live with.

This is Te-Awa's Touch Of Spice (Lucy). She is as sweet as the day is long. From day one she was very special. Happy to climb in my lap and snuggle down for a nap. We are in love. Here are a couple of her pups.

This baby is playing with Aunty Bridgette.

The little cutie will be off to live

in Oklahoma with her wonderful

new family. She is as sweet as her Mum.


This cute guy now lives with the Arnon family in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Sandi Savedra - Graceville - Florida - (850)263-8855

This is Brad (Te-Awa's Final Triumph),

a very loving gentleman and if you

click him you can go to the next page.